TimbsTrail is an immersive, online experience that tells the story of the footwear brand through a game, featuring different chapters and trails. Players can learn about the evolution of the brand through art, stories, and music that shaped the culture of Timberland.

With the rise of the metaverse and continued trends of online gaming, this effort by Timberland merges brand storytelling with innovation and engagement in the digital space. It’s a look into the history, values, and future of the iconic boot brand in an exciting way, while offering a fun engagement channel. You can even win Timberland products by completing the game.

In the experience, you collect badges as you make your way through different chapters. Unlocking a final chapter shows you a glimpse at the future of the brand. Players explore 15 different trails, which take you to different places that help tell the story of the brand.

R/GA designed the experience using different forms of the Timberland logo with the goal of infusing the brand with their missions of sustainability and innovation. You can also find the game experience throughout Timberland stores.

In “New England origins,” players walk through the original Timberland factory.

The “Tokyo/London/Italy” trail shines a light on international growth – taking you to a party in the London rave scene, an Italian piazza, and a discussion with a 1990s Harajuku girl.

In “Hip hop heritage,” players can learn about how the iconic yellow boot became popular. Explore NYC in the 90’s by diving into music, graffiti, stories, food, and fashion from the time period.

The story of the brand’s sustainable design and eco-friendly sourcing is told via the “Green dream” chapter.

Explore the brand’s collaborations with The North Face, Bee Line, and even Spongebob in “Collab city.”

Curious about what’s next for the footwear brand? “The future activate” shows Timberland’s commitment to innovation and eco-leadership.

Players who finish the game have a chance to win Timberland’s newest boots, GreenStride, and other prizes.