For the iconic coffee brand, Folgers, the best part of waking up in 2022 is rebranding. Tapping into the company’s New Orleans roots, Folgers is dusting off preconceived notions with their “Bad Reputation” campaign.

With coffee lovers shifting towards craft beans and espresso machines, and leaving their Starbucks orders in the past for more sustainable and pandemic-friendly home brews, one thing is for sure – coffee brands must adapt to the trends to stay alive.

Consumers are placing more focus on production, brand values, and bean quality – with sustainability at the core.

The new campaign tells the Folgers brand story through a craft lens, aiming to engage younger audiences through edgy, cultural connection – and specifically, through music. Hence, the Bad Reputation song at the center of this campaign.

A new video ad, integrations with Vice, placements on “millennial” platforms, social and influencer campaigns, and a new hashtag all support the brand’s revamp.