Instagram amplified their analytics tracking tools this month, allowing users to track data over a greater period of time in the Insights tab.

Now, you can examine analytics from the last 60 days using a calendar tool to select a custom date range. Vishal Shah, VP of Product at Instagram, announced via Twitter that the timeframe will again increase to 90 days later this summer.

In the past, Instagram only allowed you to examine account metrics from the last 30 days, with no custom date range. The doubled time for metrics tracking will help social media strategists in a number of ways.

Why it matters:

  • This update will help social media strategists track the success of specific campaigns using a custom date range.
  • Analyzing the last two months of data, and soon, three months of data, will provide social media strategists with significantly more capacity to measure performance.
  • Social media strategists don’t have to rely on third-party analytics tools to track data over greater periods of time. Now, it can be done within the app itself.
  • More reporting data helps social media strategists make smarter decisions.

So, log in to Instagram, explore these new analytics tracking tools, and use them to your advantage! Maybe it’s time for an audit to see what’s been working for your account and what hasn’t.

Be sure to look at all the different metrics, including accounts reached, content interactions, audience, and top performing content. Within accounts reached, you’ll find impressions and profile activity, like email button taps.

Dig around and see what parts of your strategy have resonated with your audience. Seeing some negative percentages? This means it might be time to switch up your strategy and work towards getting back in the green.

Knowledge is power. These amplified data tracking tools will help you examine your performance over a greater period of time, allowing you to take more control over your social strategy and use the metrics to steer your plans towards success.

Stay up to date with Instagram’s VP of Products, Vishal Shah, on Twitter to find out when the platform’s analytical reporting period will expand to three months.