Social media, by definition, should be social in nature. I often equate platforms to nightclubs because each has its own “personality.”


Facebook hasn’t been fun to me in years. Sadly, it’s become that neighborhood bar where all the old people sit and complain about how great life used to be.

My score: 4/10


I never really got into Snapchat, but from what I hear, it’s become the place to “hook up” and slide into someone’s “snap” – kinda like the club you stop in at 2 a.m. Not for me. 🤭

My score: 5/10


Instagram lacks substance in my opinion – kinda like a club in Miami that looks great on the way in, but once the lights come up, it feels pretty fake.

My score: 6/10


Since Trump got the boot (not a political statement on my part) you just don’t hear much about it. Twitter is like the club you used to go to, but now it’s closed for remodeling.

My score: 2/10


TikTok is all about fun and creative content opportunities. It’s the place where everyone feels a little welcome, you can put your hair up or down, and dance at your own speed (literally). It’s algorithm (FYP – For You Page) is pretty good at learning what I like and don’t like, other than the occasional cartel TikTok content (if you know, you know). Overall I think it’s built for real engagement that leaves you feeling good more than any other.

My score: 8/10


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