A recent survey explored consumer buying behaviors in relation to social media to find out how social platforms influence our purchasing decisions.

The survey findings indicated that brand awareness is the key factor influencing consumers to buy through social media. In fact, 80% of survey respondents said they’re more likely to buy on social from a brand they’re familiar with.

How do consumers discover new products? In-feed ads were the top way that social scrollers found new products to purchase. Discovery pages, story ads, and posts from influencers and creators were the next most popular ways to find new products.

This finding is meaningful to brands because it shows that ROI is directly connected to social visibility. Exploring more opportunities for both organic and paid social is a smart decision for brands looking to up their e-commerce sales on social media.

The most popular type of product people are purchasing from social media is apparel. Women are more likely to purchase art, makeup, and jewelry while men are likely to buy electronics and app subscriptions.

But, what makes someone click that “buy now” button? The top element that encouraged people to purchase from social is user-generated content (UGC). Next came seeing the product in action, seeing pricing information, polished photography, and coupons and promo codes.

Brands should make an effort to source more UGC – which is known for boosting brand loyalty, building trust, and establishing community – if they want to increase their social e-commerce sales.

Facebook was the top social media platform where sales occurred, followed by Instagram and YouTube. TikTok followed after YouTube. The introduction of shoppable live videos has influenced these findings.

What’s the major takeaway here? More and more people are making buying decisions from social media, and strong strategies should take these consumer behavior trends into account. Focus on both organic and paid social strategies. Advertise across different platforms, depending on your product and target audience, and aim for maximum visibility. Source more UGC from your customers and fans.

Yes, TikTok may have made you buy it – but don’t forget about the other key platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube! These e-commerce insights are helpful as we dive into 2022 with a refreshed social strategy.