Creators on Instagram now have the opportunity to monetize their content with the platform’s new fan subscription feature. Fan subscriptions are undergoing limited live testing to see if the incentive is enough to keep creators posting on Instagram instead of moving to TikTok.

Options for subscriptions range from $0.99 to $99.99 and provide fans with exclusive content, like live broadcasts and stories with behind the scenes footage and special polls.

The monetization of creator content on social media has become a hot topic, since creators with massive online audiences hold a ton of value. The time spent self-branding, strategizing, and growing an audience has paid off for top creators – providing them with income, loyal followers, brand partnerships, and social influence. Content creation is now a business.

To some, it’s a dream job. But, it’s a challenge to create consistent, valuable content that resonates with your followers – especially when you need to post frequently and keep up engagement online. Monetizing content would only put more pressure on creators to make a business of their social presence. This emphasizes the need for in-depth content planning and creative ideation, tech equipment, lots of time, and an overall strategy to attract and retain subscribers. In an oversaturated world where everyone has the ability to produce and share from their phones, creators must produce content that’s meaningful enough to pay for.