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Author: Gina Maker

Eyes on the Prize: New Business Development

There are endless amounts of tips and tricks, tools, software, processes, literature, and seminars to aid with the tall task of finding new business for your company.  Companies like SalesForce, HubSpot, SharpSpring, and PitchBook are all software platforms that pitch off the “making new business development easy and turn-key” model.   Learning a new software system to incorporate into your workday is not always fun, but sometimes it’s necessary (and hopefully useful, since they’re not cheap)! Does this sound familiar: Drop anywhere from $200 to $2000 a month for an unfamiliar software program. Drop yet another $1000 for the one-time charge for a 24-7 virtual rep that you can online chat with at any time. If that seems like a commitment you’re not quite ready for, you are not alone!   So what’s a new-business seeker to do? Although having a system create a CRM database and do most of the work for you is certainly helpful and pretty cool, what we really want to focus on is our end result – new biz!   Being personally tasked with new business development, I know the highs and lows that come with unanswered emails, the awkwardness of cold-calls, and trying to connect with someone without sounding too pitched.  It requires (to name just a few) persistence, constancy, aggressiveness, knowledge, confidence, being likeable, and a tremendous amount of patience and endurance....

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Which Came First: The Media or the Messaging?

Lately, we’ve been having a lot of conversations wrapped around strategy and the value that comes with being experts in the planning and strategy process of media placement. Many of the clients I work with have creative content ready to go, and are seeking out help specifically for media planning and strategy. Sounds like a perfect fit for me, right? Not always. When creative assets are completed, we find ourselves creating a media plan to fit those assets (instead of the other way around), and consequently eliminating the element the client was originally seeking: strategy. This circles back to the often argued question, “What’s more important, medium or messaging?” For whatever reason, the industry seems to separate these two critical components that are, or should be, hand and hand. The right message will make your media dollars work even harder and at times extend your reach, but on the other end, the wrong message anywhere becomes irrelevant and a waste of your dollars. With digital coming into the conversation, as a driver in sophisticated targeting, creative is expected to change in real time, be fluid to our behavior, and work as a servant to media to create the best user experience. Media strategy is wrapped around telling a specific story to a specific audience and it’s not always a universal message. For a strategy company, messaging is second to...

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