Here are some out-of-the-box campaigns and activations we appreciated this month.


Plenity’s edible billboard and sensory experience

Yes, you read that correctly. Weight management aid brand, Plenity, created an edible billboard in New York using individually-wrapped cakes. Anyone walking by Astor Place can reach into the cubby holes to grab a cake. The campaign promotes Plenity’s plant-based nutrition product. Not only can you taste this ad, but you can also engage your other senses with their selfie mirror and “scent-o-meters,” which give off scents inspired by the holidays.


Tinder’s “You’re Not For Everyone” campaign

This ad campaign from the well-known dating app reminds us to date authentically, seeking people “who are interested in you because of, not in spite of, your quirks.” Running on broadcast and streaming TV, plus paid social and pre-roll ads, this campaign pokes fun at the weird, little things that make you, you. One ad, featuring a woman meditating with candles and crystals, states: “Your astral-rebirthing isn’t for everyone, but it is for someone.” Another ad shows an emotional woman crying over a soap opera. “Your passion for watching hot dumb people isn’t for everyone, but it is for someone.”


Dos Equis’ Rose Bowl activation featuring a robotic brass band

The beer brand has been showing off their musical activation by bringing band sounds to college football tailgates throughout the season – ending with the Rose Bowl, coming up on January 1st. The 36-piece robotic brass jukebox, in the shape of the Dos Equis logo, features working instruments and a custom backend to queue song requests. The experience also includes a full-service Dos Equis bar and a massive foam finger.