For many years, media companies invested in building their “brands”. You knew a show was on NBC or that your favorite writer worked for the New York Times.

Advertisers would buy inventory to ensure they ran with the best content providers.

Today that’s all become a blended world as biddable media ensures we follow the consumer – with content almost secondary and the “brand” associated with the content almost irrelevant.

Add in content aggregators like apple news and flip book and many consumers aren’t even going directly to a publishers site initially to ingest that content.

All of which begs the question – do media “brands” even matter anymore to media-buyers and if not, how do brands stay relevant in the face of a commodity business?

Are there players or platforms that can help others navigate in this space and if so, what are adaption opportunities?

If not, why not and are media companies simply continuing to dig there own graves while Facebook and Google eat their lunch?