By Lauren Donovan

Generate quality leads with a stellar digital media marketing strategy. All too often business owners expect digital media and social media marketing to generate immediate sales, but the funnel with online marketing is very different and misunderstood.

Digital and social media help generate quality leads. Good lead generation nurtures and educates your online audience until they are ready to buy. Leads also help to grow referrals for even further sales.

A consumer’s journey begins with awareness of the business, from there the consumer is sent to the website (or into a physical location.) Once this consumer hits the website (or visits the store) it is now the job of the website to convert these leads into sales.

Leads are crucial to the sales funnel. More leads means more traffic to the website and greater potential for increased sales. Using online media to generate leads is important to this increased traffic flow.

Here are 4 strategies to send more leads to your website or into your retail location:

1. Quality Content Marketing

Content is still king. Good content will grab consumers’ attention and create interest in the products/services offered. Quality content includes using eye-catching images, links to valuable information, interesting videos, all of which should inspire engagement and interaction. Content should be updated consistently and regularly posted.

2. Use of the Appropriate Social Platforms

Once the quality content is created it needs to be posted to the appropriate Social Media sites. Each Social Platform has a fairly specific audience. Selecting the Social sties that pertain to your consumer is important to save time and money. Simply posting content to all Social sites is not a good use of time or resources. (I.E. if you sell plumbing services you probably don’t want to post updates to Snapchat, where the largest demographic of users are not homeowners.)

3. Paid Social Advertising

Social Media advertising is a great way to get in front of consumers to generate leads. Advertising on Social Media is typically less costly than print advertising and reaches more people. For example, Facebook has a sizeable audience using the site and provides an excellent ad platform to get in front of a lot of people for a budget-friendly price.

4. Optimized Google Listing

Google has discontinued their Google + Social platform and has created a great business hub that encompasses local information, business listing information, maps, content updates, reviews, and more. This new feature is a terrific way to optimize business information for search rank. These new features are aimed at creating more traffic to your website, as well as increasing more foot traffic to your physical location.

While these 4 strategies are important to include in your marketing plan, there are more strategies that could be used. It is important for each individual business to find the best strategy that works for their goals. However, these four strategies are an excellent way to begin generating quality leads and start growing your business.