People still want to do business with brands (and people) they know, like, and trust.

In today’s “analytics first” environment, it often feels like we only care about ROI closest to the sale – often forgetting about where in the buying process a brand even gets into the consideration set.


Telling a story – building a relationship – creating a “why consider us” is as important now as it’s ever been.

With most things, we don’t make instantaneous snap-buying decisions. So, if you aren’t starting there with your marketing strategy and storytelling, you are leaving your KPI typically to price – a horrible strategy for building a brand.

Additionally on the B2B side, in a world of never ending Zooms, you can’t lose sight of the power of sitting across the table from a cross-country client who knows you came a long way just to see them.

It may not guarantee you a piece of business, but it can certainly help you in a moment where you’ve earned some trust in a relationship you just can’t build over a laptop.