The intersection between livestreaming and e-commerce is a sweet spot for brands who want to boost sales and engagement.

Instagram’s ‘10 Days of Live Shopping’ virtual event began yesterday, September 1. In the ‘shop’ tab on the app, click the ‘live’ section to view special deals hosted by a variety of businesses and creators.

This live shopping experience allows people to interact with artists and celebrities and score exclusive products. From celebrity product launches to intimate musical guests, IG users can access exclusive content, merch, and offers during this 10-day campaign. Plus, you can listen in to real-time VIP performances and conversations, see products like makeup, accessories, and apparel in action, and shop directly within the app.

During the event, Selena Gomez launched her new beauty brand, Rare Beauty, and Lil Yachty is unveiling his nail polish label, Crete. You can also expect to hear from Sophia Roe, Kacey Musgraves, Olivia Palermo, and many more surprise guests.

Peloton, Outdoor Voices, Aveda, Hologear, and Kitsch are just some of the brands who are taking part in the 10-day livestream party.

Last year, Instagram and Facebook launched the ‘shops’ feature, which allows businesses to post shoppable products and users to make in-app purchases. The ‘10 Days of Live Shopping’ event is another way the platform is helping businesses and creators monetize through social media.

TikTok is also joining the live shopping trend, with shoppable products available for purchase within the app during livestreams.

As more social media platforms embrace e-commerce and live video, brands have more power and potential to drive sales – and it’s clear that shoppers are interested, according to a Facebook survey. 27% of people surveyed around the globe said they have tried live shopping in the last year, and 89% expect to increase their live shopping next year.

The combination of casual, at-home shopping with celebrity appearances, exclusive deals, and brand partnerships will all help businesses and creators to spark engagement and drive sales. With social media’s push for e-commerce and the popularity of livestreaming, this may be the future of shopping.