From TikTok, to Instagram, to Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat, and Twitter – E! News has conquered the world of social media entertainment with a focus on organic search and SEO.

Tapping into a livestream strategy for New York Fashion Week, the Emmys, and the Met Gala, E! News is setting new standards for entertainment brands ons social media.

The Met Gala this year reached 172.4 million engagements across platforms – coming close to doubling their 2019 engagement numbers.

What can we learn from the brand’s success after these livestream events? People on social are craving live events, now more than ever.

People want to interact with live content – especially when it features high-profile individuals in exclusive settings, as these red carpet events do. A glimpse into these exclusive events, with the ability to interact live, greatly helps to maximize engagement. Red carpet livestreams take viewers behind the velvet rope, presenting unique engagement opportunities for at-home viewers craving all-access.

The willingness to try innovative ideas has paid off for E! News, as they’re experiencing extreme growth across all social platforms with high levels of engagement, especially on YouTube.

The entertainment brand has also harnessed the power of user-generated content (UGC), and has found great success in boosting engagement by sharing viral UGC – with a focus on video.

Many brands are hesitant to tap into the world of livestream marketing, and rightfully so – it’s nerve-wracking to depend on livestream, since there are so many unpredictable elements. The unedited nature of livestream does present some concerns for worried brands – however, huge opportunities for natural product placement and viewer engagement make livestreaming a very lucrative option. After all, an open-mindedness to try new strategies and a dedication to constant evolution has paid off for E! News.

According to Global News Wire, the livestreaming market is growing at a rapid rate – and experts predict it will be worth almost $250 billion by 2027 at a CAGR of 28.1%.