While it may be easier to shy away from new and intimidating platforms like TikTok, it’s important to include young people in the conversation when it comes to marketing. Did you know that Generation Z has a buying power of $44 million in the United States? In the ever-changing, fast-paced age of the internet, reaching younger generations is crucial for a brand’s success. How can we learn from Gen Z’s habits and focus our efforts on reaching them?

To connect with Gen Z, brands should…

  • Emphasize their efforts to be environmentally conscious.
  • Be authentic by showing real people, not celebrities, in ad campaigns.
  • Create and implement effective social media strategies.
  • Don’t shy away from new technologies and platforms, even if they seem intimidating.

Let’s take a look at some data to dive deeper into these tactics.

  • 45% of Generation Z chooses eco-friendly and socially responsible brands.

It’s important to note the emphasis that Gen Z places on environmentally conscious brands. It may be time to look at your company’s impact on the environment and change your practices to be more socially responsible. When it comes to advertising, eco-friendly and socially conscious brands may choose to highlight that aspect of their work in campaigns. Brands have an opportunity to connect with GenZers by showing the world what they do to be sustainable.

  • 63% of GenZers want to see “real people” instead of celebrities in advertising.

This data could mean that paying top dollar for influencers with millions of followers isn’t as lucrative as we may have imagined. In fact, micro-influencers with less than 100,000 followers tend to show more ROI in brand partnered campaigns. Instead of gearing ad campaigns towards the famous, brands should look for niche influencers who are trusted in their area of influence. This helps companies shine a light on their authenticity, which resonates with young people in an oversaturated world of sponsored content.

  • 85% of Generation Z learn about new products on social media.

With so many young people developing brand awareness through the internet, social media strategy is more important now, than ever. Brands should create impactful social strategies that rely on data-driven analytics. Taking a closer look at your target audience, age demographic, location, and other factors will help you reach new customers online. It’s key to develop strategies across various social media platforms. Why? The next statistic will shine more light on the importance of diversifying your social strategy.

  • Over 60% of TikTok users are comprised of Generation Z.

Oh, the dreaded TikTok platform. For many of us, it may seem intimidating, daunting, and scary to step foot into this uncharted territory. But, with change comes new opportunities. Utilizing new platforms like TikTok helps brands reach younger audiences.

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