By Krystal Perkins

The digital world has entirely transformed the marketing business. Businesses no longer rely on print, television, and radio advertisements to build their portfolio. Most people carry a smartphone in their pockets, meaning that they are reachable at any time. Jeff Yapp, Founder and CEO of Wutznxt examines how the changes in the digital marketplace have made it possible for businesses to up their game using new and creative techniques.

What is Today’s Digital Marketing?

Today’s digital marketing involves a multi-pronged approach that reaches into many different areas. The simplest form of digital marketing involves ads that are placed on websites. These ads can be incorporated as audio, video, or graphics. They must be kept eye-catching and relevant to the consumer. Too many online ads are closed immediately when the viewer notices them. It is the marketing professional’s job to make sure that people are drawn in by the message.

How Does Branding Affect Marketing?

The key aspect of a brand is that it tells a coherent story about the company. A good brand makes consumers want to be part of the story, involving themselves through viewing, sharing, or buying their products.

Personal or company branding is incredibly important to a marketing plan. When a brand is created, it gives the consumer an idea of what the company’s values are. Ideally, it creates a strong personality that the consumer wants to interact with. For example, a fast food restaurant could be viewed as edgy, funny, and irreverent. A clothing store could be viewed as stylish, up-to-date, and exclusive.

These inherent personality qualities draw in certain segments of the public. Even when people are cynical about advertising, they have built relationships with certain products and brands. These relationships can be leveraged to create sales for the brands.

Digital Influencers

Digital marketing also includes the work of influencers. Influencers are celebrities or social media personalities whose personas are used to sell merchandise or promote causes. These celebrities often sign onto marketing agreements with brands and companies, meaning that they will use their personal time to enhance a brand’s marketing.

Similar to the way in which they build a relationship with a commercial brand, people build a relationship with a favorite celebrity. When a celebrity shares parts of his or her personal life with social media followers, they feel included in their close circle of friends. A celebrity using a product or displaying it in their homes makes people more likely to want this product themselves.

Many spouses and partners of famous people have found themselves the perfect niche as influencers. Fans are eager to see as much as they can of their favorite celebrity’s personal life behind the scenes. People feel closer to their favorite celebrities when they buy the same products or visit the same places. Through their influencer status, many of these spouses have become celebrities in their own right. This creates a mutually beneficial relationship for the spouse as well as for the celebrity.

New and Updated Techniques

Digital marketing executives like Jeff Yapp are poised to help brands and celebrities leverage their position for positive outcomes. When a company works with a digital marketing firm, they will sit down together and create a strategy that works across platforms. They will examine all facets of their current marketing plan, adding and subtracting parts as needed. Their marketing campaign will be adapted to fit multiple countries, taking advantage of each country’s particular strengths and weaknesses.

Digital Marketing Makes Sense

Every brand and product should take advantage of the digital world in creating a marketing plan. In today’s environment, advertising is finding its way into every aspect of life. If companies do not take advantage of these conditions, they will find themselves competing at a loss against their peers. Using a firm like Wutznxt will help brands find their way in today’s crowded business market.