Most forms of digital have flattened the cost of entry into “self publishing.” Want to be an author or thought leader? In the past your options included:  Find a manager or publisher (good luck), self finance (better be rich) or find a media company willing to publish your work (needle in a haystack).

Today the cost of entry is almost zero!

Want to broadcast? Make a podcast! Want to write thought provoking pieces? Click POST! Want to be a public speaker? Hit record and then upload to YouTube. The reality is we are now all “publishers” and “content providers.” As an entrepreneur I know now more than ever that I truly control my own personal brand.

LinkedIn has evolved from a place to go when you needed a job to the leading social media platform for business. What LinkedIn taught me this year is that Thought Leadership has now been flattened as well.

A great idea or concept or thought piece is no longer regulated by only the top titled positions of power. Sure some of the bigger influencers with massive followings get more engagement. That said, concepts or thoughts if crafted consistently can catch a bit of fire and create extensive engagement metrics. LinkedIn even encourages it, with things like their “Top Voices” designations that typically mix larger influencers with some more “diamond in the rough” notables.

My advice if you want to grow your base of influence?

  • Have a point
  • Pre-write it out
  • Take a position
  • Have a call to action (beyond just “what do you think?”)
  • Maybe and most importantly, self edit – (something I tried to do here but not always successfully)