Next week, I’m excited to head to Las Vegas for Groceryshop 2021 – the four day event for innovators in the CPG and grocery space. With over 150 industry leaders speaking, we’ll hear about the changing nature of grocery retailers, consumer behavior trends, and how new technologies are evolving the industry. Here’s what I’m looking forward to.

  • Meeting new brands.

Please shoot me a message if you’re attending this year’s Groceryshop so we can link up! I’m excited to introduce myself to new companies breaking into this space.

It’s always exciting to see who’s on the up-and-up, making waves in this evolving industry – especially in the wake of the pandemic, with changing consumer needs.

  • Learning about the future of grocery – online, experiential, and technological.

Covid-19 has changed the way retailers sell goods in a physical space. The customer journey has unfolded in new ways, from the way customers find out about new products, to how they shop for them. I’m curious to hear from the speakers about the shift to experiential for physical retail, as well as how online grocery has impacted the space with digital ordering and contactless pickup.

Consumer behavior has changed since the pandemic – there’s no doubt about it. I look forward to hearing new research and data about consumer behavior as it relates to CPGs – from pickup and delivery, to online grocery ordering, to the rise of sustainable grocery practices and more of a focus on local shopping.

  • Hearing from some key leaders and innovators in the industry.

One talk I’m particularly excited for is about sustainability and technology in the grocery industry. As we step away from single-use plastics and as a society become more conscious about sustainable practices, I can’t wait to see how brands are shifting to become more environmentally aware, using tech to their advantage.

I’m also curious to hear from tech leaders about how AI, robotics, and automation will continue to expand in the grocery industry.

Once again, if you’re attending Groceryshop 2021, please hit me up so we can get together! I look forward to all the new insights and ideas coming from this event.