I used to describe demand side (and supply side) platforms as basically big dumb boxes full of media inventory.

Their “magic” was in how they used behavioral and contextual tracking to say to advertisers, “it doesn’t matter WHERE these ads run. What matters is we KNOW who’s viewing them!” But what happens when you no longer do?!

I can tell you, it shifts the power back to publishers and their ability to say, “this is who we speak to.”

One of the biggest benefits of that should be a drop in the shady ad fraud that goes with the “less transparency is more” world of many DMP platforms.

It also creates HUGE opportunities for first party publisher aggregators like Bid For Media that allow those publishers to work directly with a large network of buyers of media – a connection that had gotten clunky, even with private marketplace in the DSP/SSP/DMP universe.

More transparency, less fraud, more control for all parties – sounds like, ultimately, a benefit to the industry itself.