Actions speak louder than words.

You probably haven’t seen too many rainbow logos pop up on your feed this month. Why? Because pride month was last month. For many companies, it’s time to move on to the next big thing. Until next June, of course, when the rainbow graphics will be dug out of Dropbox folders and pushed to the forefront.

Your actions will always speak louder than your words. Are you really a supporter of social change, or are you just using a cause to your advantage in order to drive sales? You say you’re an ally, but what have you really done to help LGBTQ+ folks?

This is referred to as “rainbow capitalism”. It’s when brands use their “support” for LGBTQ+ rights to drive more sales.

I’m not saying it’s a bad thing for companies to support the gay community. After all, they have a platform where they can use their influence for the greater good.

But the question is, can you inspire change simply by posting a rainbow? Of course, the answer is no. Posting on social media about pride month does not change anything for the rights of LGBTQ+ individuals.

Brands must find a way to contribute to social causes in sincere and impactful ways. If not, what’s the point?

Lily Zheng made some fantastic recommendations about how companies can take action to support LGBTQ+ folks in her article for Harvard Business Review. Read it here:

As Lily said in her article, “Let your actions between now and Pride 2022 demonstrate your commitment to the LGBTQ+ community.” Your actions will always speak louder than your words.