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Author: digitalfix

The best digital marketing stats we’ve seen this week

By Nikki Gilliland We’ve got stats about personalisation, third-party retail, data privacy, and lots more in this week’s roundup. Marketers cite ‘walled gardens’ as their biggest source of frustration Adobe and Econsultancy’s Digital Trends 2019 report has revealed that ‘walled gardens’ continue to cause frustrations for marketers, as 44% of respondents (in a survey of 12,815 global professionals) cite it as their number one headache. Meanwhile, 28% of marketers say they are most bothered by the challenge of personalising customer experiences without violating consumer privacy, highlighting the importance of customer data transparency and control for brands. Companies are also receptive to data...

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5 Digital Marketing Quick Wins For Technology Integrators

By Ryan Kane Every technology integrator, by this point, has heard the term “SEO” (short for Search Engine Optimization) and has been told they ought to be doing something about it. The challenge is that what you’re expected to be doing is not only technical, it’s a moving target—and requires ongoing, labor-intensive effort. Want to increase your visibility in Google? Research keywords, get more reviews, write regular blog posts for your own site, get your articles featured on other local or industry websites, and so on. So that’s the core of SEO. It requires your attention weekly and monthly....

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Marketing Your Business in the Digital Age

From TechBullion PR Advancements in technology over the years have made a huge difference in both our personal and our business lives. When it comes to the latter, people have found that it has become much easier to start, run, and manage their businesses effectively because of modern technology. This has made a big difference in terms of business success, as well as in the number of people starting up their own business. Internet technology has made all sorts of things possible. Consumers get online every day for many different purposes, including access  entertainment, socialize with others, or even...

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Are You Ready to Adapt to these 5 Digital Marketing Predictions?

By Solomon Thimothy New technologies are opening the door to new tools that will transform the way digital marketers build strategies and create their web pages. Choosing which new tactics to integrate can be confusing and overwhelming. Here are five digital marketing predictions for 2019 to help you create smarter campaigns: 1. Customer UX The profusion of data available from pixel tracking, chatbots, and customer profiles gives us the ability to deliver personalized, highly-relevant messaging. Customers have come to expect a seamless omnichannel experience, and marketers need to be ready to deliver. Understanding that the customer journey is neither...

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The main ingredients of an effective digital marketing strategy

From Guest Marketing plays an important role in any business. Since the main objective is to make money, marketing products and services can bring them closer to this goal. When a business has a good marketing strategy, it can build strong brand awareness, grow the customer base, and increase sales. In the modern age, marketing has evolved into leveraging the latest technology to remain effective. Although traditional advertising still has its old grandeur, digital marketing is slowly becoming a necessity in an era defined by the internet. Shopping, looking for information, communication, and entertainment—all can now be done with...

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