Hand painted billboards may seem like a thing of the past, in the age of digital marketing. But, with the rise of social platforms like Instagram and TikTok, the desire to capture and share eye-catching moments has become a key point for successful marketing campaigns. If it’s authentic and shareable, it will harness engagement and brand recognition, starting a dialogue with your brand at the center. 

Half ad, half art. In a world ruled by Insta-worthiness, you won’t find a better recipe for success in outdoor advertising.

Murals have the ability to add character and uniqueness to brand messaging – kickstarting a social buzz and giving some flavor to the otherwise tasteless task of outdoor advertising. Have you ever seen a traditional ad billboard and stopped to admire it or snap a photo in front of it? Probably not. That’s because traditional outdoor initiatives often lack soul and originality, while hand painted murals are infused with artistic vision – and added elements of brand imagery that will get people talking.

For a successful campaign in this space, it’s crucial to pay attention to the location of the mural. Murals, in essence, play off the city’s vibe and energy – beautifying walls and spaces that help visitors identify with that area. This street-level marketing enhances the city while reinforcing brand messaging and giving your brand some street cred.

One of the coolest aspects of hand painted billboards is the ability to measure their success with analytics like engagement, shares, and impressions. If people resonate with the mural, you can bet they’ll be sharing it online. You can even add a QR code, hashtag, or other engagement ideas onto the wall to encourage an online conversation around the mural.

Instead of continuing to invest in boring and uninspiring outdoor campaigns, why not try something different that will create a shareable and memorable moment? To see how hand painted billboards can elevate your brand messaging, take a look at our friends over at Colossal Media and be sure to request a demo with Bid For Media – biddable media for the masses. We’ll help show you the coolest and most innovative strategic opportunities to place your ads in front of the right eyes. From hand painted billboards, to sand sculptures, chalk art, interactive screens, and much more – we’re on the forefront of outdoor advertising. Plus, we’ll even help you find the most eye-catching opportunities in experiential, digital, social, and more.

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