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Integrate’s latest solution offers a new level of automation for adding cleaned-up LinkedIn leads to a CRM database.

What does it do? Integrate has joined LinkedIn Marketing Solutions certified marketing partners program as the first platform to offer a list-scrubbing tool that validates, de-duplicates and automatically adds LinkedIn leads directly to a CRM database.

Who is the target customer? The LinkedIn Native Connector is aimed at B2B mid-market and enterprise organizations looking for an automated process to deliver clean lists from the their LinkedIn campaigns directly into their marketing automation system.

How does it work? Instead of downloading LinkedIn Lead Gen forms to a spreadsheet to process or uploading them to a CRM without first being validated or de-duplicated, marketers can automate each of those steps — validating and de-duplicating leads from LinkedIn before directly uploading them to a CRM — with Integrate’s tool.

It can connect to LinkedIn Lead Gen forms, LinkedIn InMail campaigns and LinkedIn sponsored content. Also, as part of the Integrate platform, users will have access to Integrate’s reporting tools to track their LinkedIn lead nurturing efforts.

“With the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions lead gen capability exploding in usage, Integrate’s Demand Orchestration software can add this capability to other channels and sources B2B marketing teams are using to generate clean, intelligent leads,” said Integrate CMO Scott Vaughan.

Why it matters. AJ Wilcox, founder of the LinkedIn certified partner agency B2Linked, believes Integrate’s LinkedIn Native Connector remedies a challenge that has long been a problem for marketers using LinkedIn’s lead gen forms.

“Integrate is solving a problem that enterprise users face on LinkedIn Ads when using the LinkedIn Lead Gen Form ad format, which is that it’s pretty straightforward to push form fills into a CRM or marketing automation tool, but then it’s difficult to do actions like de-duplicating or scoring those as they come in,” said Wilcox, “De-duping and lead scoring are activities that are regularly done on landing pages, but since LinkedIn’s Lead Gen Ads is a new way of collecting personal data, there hasn’t be a good solution for this.”

Now with Integrate’s tool, marketers will be able to streamline the process of capturing LinkedIn leads, scrubbing their LinkedIn lead lists, and adding them to their CRMs — significantly shortening the amount of time it takes to being moving leads through the sales funnel.