Did you know that 91 million subscribers will utilize live streaming by 2024? That’s right, and 82% of audiences prefer live video from a brand to social posts. So, how can your brand leverage livestreaming to boost engagement and convert viewers into customers?

Investing in marketing on platforms like Twitch, Vimeo, Facebook Live, YouTube, and Periscope is a smart move for modern advertising teams. Why? Live video strategies engage audiences in more immediate ways than traditional image and video campaigns. Streaming live also stimulates more dialogue and conversation with your viewers, so use live chatting to your advantage. Pose questions and answer them for your followers, creating an open dialogue that adds an air of authenticity.

When an audience watches a livestream, they expect a more down-to-Earth version of your brand – a real person engaging in real conversation, without edits and scripts. This gives your brand a chance to be real – to be human – and to show your audience who you really are. In an oversaturated digital world of filters and edited content, the opportunity to flex your authenticity shouldn’t be missed.

Featuring key influencers, bloggers, or brand ambassadors during livestreams will help drive even more audience engagement. Who would be the best spokesperson for your brand? Maybe they can host a live Q&A, demonstration, announcement, or even become the host of your livestream – helping your brand reach even more people across the web.

Strategizing partnerships to collaborate with for live videos is a good idea, too. This way, you can double your reach and viewership when you partner with other influential brands. Not the best at hosting live videos? Maybe there’s a strategic tech partnership out there that fits well with your campaign ideas. Don’t limit yourself due to your tech knowledge. In today’s day in age, there’s always a tech savvy partner out there waiting for your innovative partnership idea. Whatever you do, don’t be hasty with your livestream strategy because 62% of consumers are more likely to have a negative perception of a brand that publishes poor-quality video. Take the time to gather resources and strategize your campaign before hitting that “go live” button.

Livestreams are also a great place to unveil new announcements to your followers because those who are watching will appreciate the first look at a new product drop or event promotion. Reward those people who are sticking with your streams by engaging with them regularly and giving them insider looks at your brand news.

With the rise of streaming platforms like Twitch, Facebook Live, YouTube, and many more, the chance for your brand to engage through live video should not be overlooked. After all, 28% of marketers are shifting their focus and investing in livestream advertising, so don’t miss out on this key opportunity to engage with new audiences online.