A new creative studio called Arcadia (recently announced by Snapchat’s parent company, Snap Inc.) is changing the game for marketers by developing branded AR marketing experiences that can be used across a variety of platforms.

From helping clients with AR strategy through trend reporting and workshops, to completely running AR production for brands – Arcadia is making a statement by investing in the AR ecosystem.

The creation of this global AR studio, and the brand partnerships that have already formed since its inception, point to an insight that marketers shouldn’t ignore. AR is a powerful tool that is quickly becoming a key industry tactic.

At its launch, Arcadia already had partnerships with P&G Beauty, Verizon, and WWE.

Besides acting as a tool for engagement and brand recognition, AR also shows great potential to drive online sales. AR e-commerce has become a hot topic since the start of the pandemic, solving a major lockdown problem by allowing customers to shop, try on, and interact with products from their own homes. 62% of U.S. consumers who used AR while shopping said it encouraged them to make a purchase, according to research by Snap and Foresight Factory.

The potential for brands to make an impact through AR is huge, and Arcadia is making waves by offering support for clients who may not know where to start in the world of AR tech.

How will AR continue to evolve to help brands connect with people in authentic, engaging ways? Will we start to see more agencies leaning into branded AR experiences for their clients?