I’ve learned that not only is content key; it should also be free!

If we aren’t educating ourselves, connecting to disruptors and innovators in this industry, and then passing along the insights we’re gaining, then what are we doing here?

The idea for Daily Digital Fix came about partly with my obsession to seek out and soak up content from those respected voices in the market, to have at least one great industry article a day I could nibble on to keep my brain nimble, and finally to give a voice to an extremely eclectic collection of writers and non-writers in the industry who are ready to have their voices heard.

We welcome outside voices and opinions and we hope that many of you reading this will take the time to submit something of your own for future consideration.

We are also open to opinions and insights as we, too, find our footing and evolution as a gateway to independent thought on the daily state of the digital industry.

We hope as our content fills out over the coming months, you’ll get your fix here.

Feel free to send comments and content to [email protected].

Sean Halter


Daily Digital Fix