I’m 48 and a heavy media streamer. I’m clearly not alone. I watch one show a week on traditional TV – everything else is streamed.

Now you might think big agencies have the right teams to ensure each TV dollar is as targeted as possible – if you thought that, all you need to do is binge watch for an hour or two to realize how wrong you are.

While I own several companies, I have no need for uniforms for our employees. You wouldn’t know that from the 12 Cintas ads I got pushed within four hours of watching Gold Rush on the Discovery TV app. The ads are beautiful, by the way, but start losing their punch the fifth time in 45 minutes.

Now I might fit some of the demo criteria, over 40 and a business owner, but I can’t imaging that this is what David Pollack, the current CMO of Cintas, had in mind.

The industry can do better on both the agency side and frankly on the media side.

Media teams need to continue to evolve and stop trying to buy streaming like its traditional TV – it’s not.

Media teams need to stop over-automating the system to the point nobody has a check or balance in place to ensure ads are better targeted and at the very least are capped at no more than twice per IP address per day.

This can and should be done…

ANYTHING less and you are literally throwing dollars away, while at the same time creating a horrible user experience for the consumer AND the brand.

The solution for everyone is simple – demand more accountability and pay for nothing less.