By: Saben Hinckley


If you’re a long time Facebook Page Manager, you’ve probably noticed a decrease in organic engagement over the last few years.

…Or maybe you only recently got into page management, and you’re confused at how you’re only reaching about fifty fans per post when your total number of fans is about 20 times that.  

Whichever group you’re in, it might do you some good to look into how exactly Facebook likes to decide which posts get seen.

Facebook uses somewhat complicated and ever-changing algorithms to sort through the millions of posts sent out by users, pages, and page managers just like yourself.

To put things into perspective…

Facebook has over 1.5 billion users, most of them posting content on a very regular basis.

Understandably, with such a large amount of users posting content daily, Facebook needs to have a thorough way to sort through said content.

The first step in getting more reach for your content is to (obviously) have trending and engaging content in the first place.

However, this is not the only factor the Facebook Algorithm takes into account; it also pays attention to things like:

  • The number of engagements (likes & comments) your post has.
  • The date you posted it.
  • Who has liked your posts in the past (and the other pages and posts they’ve liked).

(For an up to date list of new changes to the FB Algorithm, click the link below:

One useful (but slightly tedious) trick you can do to increase your organic reach is to ask your fans to go to your page, click the “Followers” button and then the “See first option”.

This will prioritize your pages content in their specific news feeds, making your posts show up more.

When it comes down to it, Facebook (like many other big social media platforms) has moved into paid advertising.

Unfortunately, this means that even if you have a lot of followers, if you’re not boosting your posts with money, they will often only show up in a small fraction of your follower’s feeds (On average only about 6.5%).

So if you’re not using paid advertising, and your page has 20,000 followers, you could typically expect it to reach around 1300 of your fans.

Moral of this story; There are little tricks you can do to increase organic reach on Facebook; but if you want to compete with big businesses, you’re going to need relevant content, and pay to have that content seen by all your fans.