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By Jill Nelson



When I think of advertisements and ad campaigns, most of the time I’m thinking of making a lasting impression on the consumer and keeping my brand or product top of mind.

Shopper Marketing is different than traditional ways of advertising in that it aims to influence the customer at the exact moment they’re ready to buy something. According to the Grocery Manufacturers Association, as many as 70% of consumesmake their purchasing decisions in-store. That’s where shopper marketing comes in and that’s why it’s so important and necessary in the world of advertising.

Shopper Marketing can be cool and subtle or it can be a big display you see right as you walk into a store.

Have you ever walked into Publix during football season and seen the giant Bud Light display with goalposts coming out of either end and a fake grass field set up underneath it? You probably didn’t realize it at the time, but that was a shopper marketing tactic.

A manufacturer for Bud Light most likely coordinated with the retailer, in this case it was Publix, to set up the display. This way people are more tempted to not only choose Bud Light when they see it, but will continue to choose Publix as well.

How about the brightly colored coupon stickers you see on cereal boxes? That’s not a coincidence either. Cereal brands will employ lots of shopper marketing tactics in order to make themselves stand out from the large number of competitors.

The examples I’ve just supplied you with would suggest that shopper marketing is only relevant in store but it actually has quite a large presence online as well.

Tracking consumers digitally is easier now than ever before making shopper marketing a little easier for everyone. Brands and companies are able to point consumers towards products they’re more likely to buy based on what they’ve previously bought or searched online.

This could come in the form of a banner on a clothing website that reads “People Who Viewed This Also Viewed:” or Nike sending you a 25% off coupon on your birthday.

Shopper Marketing takes many forms and because so little of us are brand loyal these days, it’s extremely important as advertisers to invest time and money into it benefiting the manufacturers, the retailers and ourselves in the ad world too.