Most people cringe when they hear the word “ransomware.” It’s an unfortunate and growing reality of our digital world. However, when the GoldenEye/Petya attack began spreading out from the Ukraine this week, an opportunity for meaningful engagement was born.

Earlier this year, VIPRE Internet Security partnered with Merritt Group and YouConnex for a comprehensive PR and media strategy. VIPRE’s goals are pretty straight forward:
Increase consumer, SMB, and reseller revenue
Establish VIPRE as a thought leading brand in a very crowded space
Develop a content-based strategy to develop deeper audience engagement

As news on the attack broke, Merritt Group and YouConnex worked with the VIPRE team to create meaningful content for the VIPRE blog, which is housed on their new website. Merritt Group also developed paid social strategies to draw attention to the content. YouConnex developed content-based creative assets and paid digital strategies to do the same.
Within two hours of the first report on GoldenEye/Petya, scaled strategies reaching on-target audience members through premium media partners were deployed.

The net results were dramatic. Optically, VIPRE set itself apart from its competitors by offering a valuable user experience delivered through content-based paid placements, rather than inundating potential audience members with sales-centric CTAs. Analytically, the placements immediately tripled their paid placement click through rate and increased average site session duration. Site visitors originating from the placements were tracked and shown to have explored the VIPRE site at greater length, including portions of the site indicating purchase intent.

Right message, right time? Absolutely. Swift action, collaborative work, and side-stepping typical media processes required? Definitely. But the results speak for themselves.

So ask yourself…how nimble is your strategy? Are you ready to quickly respond should an opportunity present itself, and what would that program look like? What are the potential impacts of adaptive, collaborative work? The answers might just revolutionize the way you think about how to position your brand and what meaningful engagement creation really looks like.