So, you’ve landed your first internship that you’ve been wanting for months. The company you are interning for is wedged in the middle of the marketing and advertising field and you’re anxious to get started.  You’re about to step into a new horizon of opportunity and experience that will come at lightning speed. Eager to start your first internship, the biggest question does come to mind: What are you supposed to do at your internship? Eagerness turns to nervousness and the fear of failure starts setting in and you’re left stuck on what to do next. However, there are three tips that every new intern should follow that will help ensure their success in any internship.

Ask a lot of questions

The purpose of an internship is for individuals to gain insight on potential careers. Seeing how learned concepts and strategies apply to real world applications is a huge portion of internships. You aren’t expected to know everything, but the discovery of information throughout the interning process is essential. It is expected and understandable if interns don’t know all the procedures and tactics used in marketing/advertising, the purpose of the internship is to find out. If you’re assigned a task that you are confused about or simply don’t know how to start, the best strategy is to ask questions. Asking questions helps interns understand purpose, proper procedures and task clarification. Keeping a notebook of the questions you’ve asked creates a clear concise source of new relevant information that you didn’t have before. Curiosity as an intern is your guide to gathering knowledge. The more question that are asked equals the less that if left to unknown and misguided assumptions.

Keep an Open Mind

An internship helps discover the details of a career field. Be open to learning different paths of your chosen career. Concepts that you never thought you’d use suddenly become essential in your everyday marketing strategies. Keeping an open mind allows you to accept and take in different possibilities and perspectives. New ideas stem from alternative thinking which can be done if you embrace change. For example, there are multiple ways to employ marketing strategies to entice consumers to purchase products or utilize services. Out of home advertising, radio/television media buying, and social media advertising are all mediums which companies use to attract customers. Rather than focusing on one advertising tactic, be open to exploring what each tactic has to offer and their comparative advantages. Pursuing all opportunities during your internship creates growth and inspires creativity

Make Mistakes

Every mistake is an opportunity to grow. Experience is the greatest teacher and learning from your mistakes is the best method for self-improvement. Picking the wrong marketing strategy, not utilizing social media platforms and overall failing to connect with customers are mistakes you intend on not doing. As an intern it’s necessary that you grasp early the concept of learning from shortcomings. Mistakes are truly failures if you fail to adapt and change course. If you didn’t utilize social media as a way to market to consumers, start amassing a social media following.