As the brick and mortar days continue to die out, it’s no surprise that many of the lucky retailers who remain afloat are searching for digital solutions to enhance their storefronts.


We’re living in a world full of endless options and fierce competition. A customer on the hunt for a certain product won’t wander into your shop and wait 5-10 minutes for a salesperson to come assist them…they’ll move on to the next shop that sells the same exact product and your competitor will probably win that business.


As a Sephora frequenter, I know the inconveniences that consumers of this brand can face on a crowded Saturday at the mall when in need of assistance in finding the exact shade of foundation to match their skin tone and all sales associates and artists are occupied. Sephora has the right idea with the new Sephora Studio in Boston, the smallest yet most digitally enhanced location serving to excel in personalized client experience.


Say so long to the days of waiting on assistance from beauty advisors at this retailer thanks to iPhones available for appointment check-ins, sale check-outs, and even interactive guide apps that record customized product and application tips for shoppers to take home. Screens throughout the store replace the need for associates with navigation and self-help information, and also provide my personal favorite feature: an augmented reality system that allows shoppers to virtually test and try on products and walk away without any makeup on their faces.


We see the same trends continue to take place and grow with Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods, and digital updates being installed in various locations of Nordstrom, Samsung, Lowes, Barnes and Noble, Nike, and many more.


With digital enhancements like these, retail shopping becomes an enjoyable experience for customers again as it becomes their experience. Personalization, accuracy, and agility are key in driving shoppers into your business, and there’s no better way to win their loyalty than with the powerful technology and digital capabilities we have access to today.