On the evening of November 19th, a crowd in downtown St. Petersburg, FL, was amazed by a stunning art display on the corner of 9th Street and Central Avenue. The Union Bank building came to life during a Projection Mapping show created by the Florida-based digital multimedia production company, Pixel Rain.

Individual bricks on the building moved and changed colors, seeming to trick the eye in the powerful, artistic illusions. Colorful scenes painted and transformed the wall of the bank into a living, breathing canvas. This was the grand finale of the 2017 Et Cultura festival: a multi-day interactive, music, film, and art event in St. Pete.

According to projection-mapping.org, Projection Mapping is “the display of an image on a non-flat or non-white surface.” It uses projectors to create a light show on any given surface, turning everyday things like buildings or cars into moving, engaging art pieces. This forward thinking, modern technology offers the opportunity to create a powerful visual experience when mixed with immersive, interactive marketing ideas.

The use of Projection Mapping in advertising is steadily growing. Though the technique has been around for a while, it has drastically improved from a technological perspective in the last few years. This unique digital tool can be effectively used to draw creative, visual attention to a brand.

Well-known brands including Hyundai, Samsung, BMW, Red Bull, H&M, and Adidas have all experimented with Projection Mapping in advertising. Their shows all drew large crowds and helped create engaging brand experiences. Check them out for yourself by clicking the links at the bottom of this article.

Projection Mapping is a complex and cutting edge advancement in marketing and technology. These unique, interactive advertising experiences are bound to turn heads, catch eyes, and drop jaws.


  • Hyundai Fluidic 3D Projection Mapping at the Autoexpo motor show in India.
  • BMW collaboration with Holition for the 7 series in Munich.
  • Red Bull Mind Meld 3D Projection Mapping at Ultra Music Festival.
  • H&M 3D Projection Mapping for store opening in Amsterdam.
  • Adidas France 3D Projection Mapping.