Most successful senior level marketers would probably agree, people do not want to be sold to…. They do, however, often want information. and content, and sometimes, human interaction.

A recent B2B article on HuffPost stated, “Today’s CMOs are faced with the challenges of being held more accountable for sales growth then ever before.”

According to Sean Halter, Partner at Connectivity Holdings, which invests in various digital-focused platforms and companies, “If you’re leading by selling, you’re probably fighting a losing battle.”

No matter what your business or brand is, many C-Level executives would suggest it doesn’t hurt to remind yourself that people do business with other people and brands they know, like, and trust. How you incorporate that into your sales cycle often determines your success.

Sean also suggested ensuring you are providing value wherever possible in your reach out, but also that you’ve taken some time to do your homework. “Nothing impresses a potential prospect like letting them know you’ve researched them and their business by already knowing some of the potential challenges they may be facing and having a few ideas on how you can potentially help.”

It doesn’t work every time. but it certainly can leave you feeling like you’ve put in the effort needed to take that next step in turning a prospect into a lead and ultimately, into a client.