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Is Data Killing Advertising?

Is Data Killing Advertising?

Tom Goodwin

August 2, 2017


Thanks to our era of endless facts, “big data” , fancy modeling and poor statistical literacy, it’s pretty easy to draw any conclusion you wish and write robust pieces that reflect an agenda.

Today’s narrative appears to be the looming death of all things Advertising. P&G proudly proclaims that there were no immediate detrimental effects from a $100m cut. The rational brains of Silicon Valley see the Amazon Echo and “Voice Commerce” (didn’t we used to speak to sales assistants?) as an existential threat to branding. Everything from Native Advertising to Influencer Marketing becomes the new thing to replace “Traditional Advertising” because we like to think that now that we have smartphones & some people buy some things online, everything in human nature has been radically reprogrammed.

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