By now we all know that social media is charging ahead in terms of how brands are reaching consumers. Everywhere you look, everyone is on their phone, laptop, or tablet. And more than likely, these people have some form of social media. According to one study, 81% of Americans had a social media profile. Social media makes reaching your customers so much simpler! Imagine reaching your desired audience with just the click of your mouse. That’s great, right? But when you do reach them, how do you get them on board with your brand?

“If all you ever do is try to “sell” your product, you’ll often fail. This is because people want to do business with brands and people they know, like and trust. The best way to do that is often through provided relevant content that doesn’t necessarily use “selling first” as its purpose. Today, everyone has platforms available to be a sounding board or expert in certain areas and the easiest way to do that is often by providing your own relevant content,” said Sean Halter, Partner at Connectivity Holdings.

The content used in your social media should tell a story and be a mix of organic as well as curated posts. It should include all forms of media, from video to gifs to great photography and illustrations. We crave variety as a race and this is no different when it comes to what we want to see and respond to in social media. And don’t neglect User Generated Content (UGC). Brands will find that their customers want to be included and engaged. UGC provides a great way to do that and showcase not only “super fans” but also influencers who will only further boost your brand via social media.

In addition to original and creative content, the placement and frequency is just as important. Creating one ad and slapping it all over the internet is a thing of the past. People want different images and ideas on different social media spaces. Does this require more work and planning? Absolutely. But at the end of the day if it hits your targeted audience in the way that creates a positive response from them, then it’s all worth it.