The world of social media has become a large piece of our everyday lives. Being connected at all hours of the day and having the connection to it at just a click, has made it easier than ever. With that, social media hasn’t just been a place where you can connect with friends and share content, it’s now a place where businesses connect with the public. Reaching multiple audiences, creating new relationships, building a following, and bringing in more revenue has been easier for companies, in some regards, through social media. Creating a strategy to use social media for your business should be one of your main goals for the New Year.


Almost everyone has some sort of social media platform, whether it be Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. Everyone is connected and what that means for your business content is that someone is going to see it, allowing it to be shared. Connecting your social media platforms gives you multiple sources of reach, with some consumers being on one platform and others being on another. With consumers sharing your content it opens up the opportunity for your company to be seen by their followers. This can lead to gaining more followers and those can turn into conversions.

Staying Connected

A problem a lot of companies have with their social media accounts is staying relevant. A company should always want to be seen as an innovator while also being reliable and experienced. Social media platforms allow you to stay trendy and relevant. Uploading content regularly is a must for you to stay connected with your audience and on top of industry news. Also creating content that your audience likes and wants to keep seeing updates on is another part of the strategy your business should focus on. Whether that be creating versions of new viral challenges, or new trends your audience is following, or chiming in with what is going on in the world. Staying up to date keeps your business in the spotlight and helps continue building your audience as your followers will be sharing your content with their friends.


Getting your content across to the right audience could be challenge with advertising online or in person, but with social media platforms it has become much easier. Targeting your audience based off if demographics, such as:  gender, age, ethnicity, location, financial status, education, etc, gives you the advantage into reaching them. Also the ability to retarget them through these platforms can help them along their path of making a decision to buy. Most of these platforms allow the option for sponsored ads, which can place the ads right in front of your audience and other users. Spending money on sponsored ads allows you to choose specific locations, audiences, demographics. These also give you the reporting of how many impressions and click throughs your sponsored ad has received. You can also create a click through button on the ad to bring the consumers right to your site, this can help them with making a purchase or learning more about your company.

Consumer Relationship

Keeping a good relationship with your consumers is a key to maintaining a reputable company. With these social media platforms, they allow you stay in contact with consumers and answer questions they may have. One of the most commonly used platforms for this would be Twitter, as it runs like a forum and allows your audience to directly contact you in an open forum. This makes it easier for the consumer to tell you how they feel about a certain product or service they received, also allows you to help solve their problems quicker. These relationships can help you create loyal customers and lifelong buyers, it can also help with expanding your brand as the customers will tell their followers and friends. Making sure you stay on top of staying connected with them and answering all their needs can keep your company in good standing, if you start to slack off they may post about it which can be crucial for your company as all their followers will see it.


Staying connected and creating relevant and exciting content is what should be huge goals in your social media strategy for this year. If you’re starting a new company maybe your first marketing strategy should be social media as there can be a huge ROI, also it helps immensely with brand awareness and exposure. Overall if your business isn’t connected with social media, maybe it’s time to look into it and figure out how you can maximize all its strengths to your advantage.