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Author: Stephen Nebe

How to Create A Strategy for Your Social Media Marketing

The world of social media has become a large piece of our everyday lives. Being connected at all hours of the day and having the connection to it at just a click, has made it easier than ever. With that, social media hasn’t just been a place where you can connect with friends and share content, it’s now a place where businesses connect with the public. Reaching multiple audiences, creating new relationships, building a following, and bringing in more revenue has been easier for companies, in some regards, through social media. Creating a strategy to use social media for...

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Want to Go Viral? Try Being Funny.

Viral, a word that not only stands for “the cause or relation to a virus or viruses,” but a word that now has a massive meaning in the digital world we live in. With content surrounding us at every click, what makes a certain piece viral and how does that piece stand out from the rest? This may be one of the biggest questions and debates all brands and consumers have. Viral content grows rapidly and fast like a “demogorgon.” That’s a quick Stranger Things reference for the followers, for the non-followers it means that viral content expands like...

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