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Author: Samantha Pick


For most brands, it’s common knowledge that the key to a strong advertising strategy is to use a healthy mix of digital and traditional mediums. Put too much into out-of-home, T.V., radio, or print, and you’re missing out on relevant intenders with a genuine interest in your product or service. Avoid these all together and you’ve forfeited the exclusive value that mass media provides your brand. Many marketers struggle with deciding where to put the remainder of their media dollars that have yet to be allocated. Streaming radio is a vehicle that is often left out of media buys,...

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How to Simplify Your Workday and Get S**t Done

For as long as I can remember, I have always been the queen of lists. To me, there are very few things more satisfying than drawing a line through the tedious tasks on my daily to-do lists to signal that I’ve completed my grocery shopping or a stack of follow-up emails and now I can move on…and add more to my list. It wasn’t until I began my career that I realized I had the same exact list in three different places because I was so afraid of forgetting what I needed to do and getting off track. Between...

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Struggling Retailer? Go Digital!

As the brick and mortar days continue to die out, it’s no surprise that many of the lucky retailers who remain afloat are searching for digital solutions to enhance their storefronts.   We’re living in a world full of endless options and fierce competition. A customer on the hunt for a certain product won’t wander into your shop and wait 5-10 minutes for a salesperson to come assist them…they’ll move on to the next shop that sells the same exact product and your competitor will probably win that business.   As a Sephora frequenter, I know the inconveniences that...

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Top 3 Ways to Build Your Client’s Trust

The hardest part of client management is when the client has a predisposed negative position on some form of advertising from a previous experience.  Most of the time, the disappointment stems from unclear client expectations of the advertising campaign. Building the trust back is more than half the battle. It goes without saying that each client and brand has a different level of knowledge of how advertising works. The comfort level of how advertising has and continues to change, and being able to keep each individual up to speed, is critical. Working on day-to-day tasks with clients and managing...

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This LinkedIn Message Prompted a CEO to Give the Sender a Job

REPOST: TIME Writer: Shana Lebowitz/Business Insider Apr 30, 2017 Kathryn Minshew, cofounder and CEO of the career advice and job listings site The Muse, hadn’t been looking to hire a head of marketing in 2012. Then she received a LinkedIn message from Elliot Bell that changed her mind. Bell was hired as the director of marketing a few months later. He worked at The Muse for four years. Here’s the full text of the LinkedIn message he sent Minshew. It’s reprinted in “The New Rules of Work,” the new book Minshew wrote with her cofounder and COO, Alex Cavoulacos....

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