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Author: Saben Hinckley

The Pros and Cons of a High-speed & Data-driven Internet

In this age of high-speed internet and data-driven solutions, there are many pros and cons to it’s use in daily life. For example, from an employer’s standpoint, many costs could be cut because technology could take the place of certain employees. Business is growing more and more data-driven every day. Just a few months ago I had an internship at a marketing firm (I focused on digital marketing), and one thing I quickly learned is that you no longer need to hire a person to call up a blog/website and buy an ad space. They now have platforms called...

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Acronyms & Initialisms in my Alphabet Soup

In the marketing industry, acronyms and initialisms are thrown around left and right; creating a somewhat intimidating bowl of alphabet soup. This can make things difficult for those just starting out. So why not lighten the load of research you have ahead of yourself? Use this article as a reference sheet for some of the most common marketing acronyms and their meanings. B2B  – Business to Business;  If you are a B2B business this means you primarily provide products and services for other businesses. B2C – Business to Consumer; This is a business providing products and services to consumers, instead...

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Link Building and SEO? Help!

“I want more traffic for my website, but SEO is confusing and I don’t know where to begin!” – Every Site Owner Ever When it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Link Building is one of the most important factors in driving traffic to your site and ranking higher in search engines. For example, sites such as Wikipedia and Youtube have millions of other websites linking back to them, from any number of different categories (these sites are typically referred to as “Link Partners”). *Note that the two links in this paragraph serve as a perfect example of this.*...

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Understanding Pillar Pages, Topic Clusters, and PageRanks in SEO

by Saben Hinckley   A new method for SEO has recently started circulating; Some of our readers may be familiar with the term “Pillar Pages,” and some of may not be. HELP! What’s a Pillar Page? Not to worry, we’re about to walk through the basics of Pillar Pages and Topic Clusters; if you like what you read, there are plethoras of free resources out there to help you get an even deeper understanding of it. But first, why not talk about the standard architecture of most websites out there, so we can have something to compare our cool...

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What is Facebook’s Algorithm and How does it Affect you as a Page Manager/Digital Marketer?

By: Saben Hinckley   If you’re a long time Facebook Page Manager, you’ve probably noticed a decrease in organic engagement over the last few years. …Or maybe you only recently got into page management, and you’re confused at how you’re only reaching about fifty fans per post when your total number of fans is about 20 times that.   Whichever group you’re in, it might do you some good to look into how exactly Facebook likes to decide which posts get seen. Facebook uses somewhat complicated and ever-changing algorithms to sort through the millions of posts sent out by...

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