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Author: Rachel Freeman

The Most Powerful Marketing Tool Is Subconscious: The Psychology of Color in Advertising

The best marketers in the industry understand that human beings’ buying decisions are based not only on obvious desires, but also on subconscious preferences. Seemingly simple visual factors have the power to greatly affect the way people view a product or brand. In an age of intense competition, it’s more crucial than ever to master the most effective non-verbal attention grabber: color. The Institute of Color Research found that people tend to make a judgment about content in less than 90 seconds, and up to 90% of that judgment is influenced by the colors people see. Color subconsciously portrays...

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Projection Mapping: Visual, High-Tech, Artistic Marketing

On the evening of November 19th, a crowd in downtown St. Petersburg, FL, was amazed by a stunning art display on the corner of 9th Street and Central Avenue. The Union Bank building came to life during a Projection Mapping show created by the Florida-based digital multimedia production company, Pixel Rain. Individual bricks on the building moved and changed colors, seeming to trick the eye in the powerful, artistic illusions. Colorful scenes painted and transformed the wall of the bank into a living, breathing canvas. This was the grand finale of the 2017 Et Cultura festival: a multi-day interactive,...

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The Power of UGC: Sprout Social’s Recent Findings on Sharing Milestone Moments

  Sprout Social recently published their Q4 2017 Index on Moments & Milestones: UGC, Brands & Emotional Touchpoints on Social. They surveyed over 1,200 consumers to find out some new insight about user generated content and consumer willingness to engage with brands. It’s not surprising that the majority of people today share their major life events on social media. We love to share special moments like birthdays, holidays, and vacations with others. According to the Sprout report, 79% of people share their life milestones with friends and family via social media. 94% said they primarily used Facebook, followed by...

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The Most Popular Modern Content Form: Social Video Marketing

Videos have taken the lead for the most popular modern content form. They build consumer trust, boost sales and conversions, and encourage sharing across social platforms. Using more videos in your social posts will help improve your overall reach and success. The average Internet user spends 16 minutes each day watching video advertisements. Make sure your social video marketing content stands out! Each social platform offers unique features when it comes to posting videos. For Facebook, awareness videos and potentially viral content are perfect. The time limit is 20 minutes per video. The more engagement a video has, the...

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Facebook’s Dynamic Creative: The Future of Ad Building

Facebook’s new Dynamic Creative feature simplifies the ad building process for marketers while also increasing effectiveness and creative variety. The site now offers a special service which chooses the best combination of up to 30 variants of an advertisement. This means that there are up to 6,250 different creative versions of a single ad. Of course, not all of these ads will run. Facebook selects the most effective ones based on a series of factors. Dynamic Creative is accessible via the Power Editor in Facebook’s updated Ads Manager. You can select up to 5 titles/headlines, 10 images, 10 videos,...

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