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Marketers, Are You Ready to Take on Programmatic?

FEATURED REPOST HUFFPOST BY: Alisa Valudes Whyte Senior Partner/CEO at Merritt Group. Marketing/PR expert for technology, health care and government clients Marketers, Are You Ready to Take on Programmatic Advertising? Anyone on the internet knows exactly where to scroll to find out how to “get rid of belly fat today” or get “one weird trick” to solve an inane problem — the bottom of their browser on almost any popular website. Far away from where the readers’ eyes and cursor typically spend any time, this is where programmatic advertising got its start. But for companies that think this digital...

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Viewability Demystified

Understanding Viewability doesn’t need to be complicated. In less than 2 minutes, YouConnex can help you understand the difference between what counts and what doesn’t in the world of view...

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