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Author: Anthony Landi

Google’s Bot Problem Hits Home

Your relationship with Google, especially as an advertiser, is one-sided. It’s no great secret that they are amongst the biggest arbitrage players in the ad-tech world, representing both the buy and sell side allowing price-fixing, preferential inventory for those who pay-to-play and creating an imbalanced ecosystem, yet we continue to pump money into their coffers. Sure, I had my reservations about Google’s altruism from my experience in ad-tech – who doesn’t? – but it wasn’t until I read “Something is Wrong on the Internet” by James Bridle that their ethical ambiguity stood out in dramatic relief. The article tackles...

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How Not To Incorporate Sponsored Content

The majority of the Arcade Fire’s career has been one marked by meteoric success. They formed in Montreal as the antithesis of everything happening with independent music in 2003 and the long history of rock music before it – whereas bands in New York were reviving the sounds of CBGB, wearing skinny jeans and leather jackets, the Arcade Fire were cramming horns, strings and revolutionary war bass drums on stage, wearing emotions on their (thrift store) sleeves and unleashing memorable sing-along choruses to their sweaty hordes of fans. They’ve since gone on to release a string of critically acclaimed...

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Programmatic strategy should not include pulling a rabbit out of a hat

The prevailing trend in programmatic over the past few years has been transparency, and with good reason. Larger players had been self-dealing by working both the demand and supply sides of the ecosystem, creating inherent discrepancies in their intentions (should inventory be cheaper to benefit buyers, or more expensive to benefit publishers? Why do these titans get to choose?). Some DSPs (who shall go unnamed) would pull a rabbit out of a hat – enter your budgets, et voila, see performance – without any of the details as to where they were running and who they were serving to....

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