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Author: Aimee Wera

Five Ways to make Your Voice Search Stand Out

  Whether it’s through sassy Siri, affectionate Alexa, or chatty Cortona, the age of voice assistants has come, which means it’s time to board the voice search train. With voice assistants and smart speaker usage continuing to rise, it leads many marketing professionals questioning their traditional SEO practices. As a result of the recent shift to voice-based searches, utilizing keywords is more critical than ever before. Get ahead of the voice-assistant and stand out in the world of voice assistants by following these guidelines.   Start the Conversation Although it may be unknown, voice assistants are becoming closer to...

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Engagement: Tips to Social Media’s Top Target

According to Sprout Social, a social media management system, in 2018 brands will see an increase in engagements and even quotes that 41% of millennials will incorporate their favorite brands when posting just to say thank them. Despite social media engagement being on the rise, many brands are struggling to increase their engagement through social media. With social media becoming a stronger tool for businesses to build brand awareness and increase customer satisfaction it’s critical for every business to capitalize on the increased exposure. The simplest way to increase engagement One of the most common ways brands are missing...

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How to Make the Most of Your Social Media Strategy

Why is social media strategy important? Whether you are a small business owner looking to reach more customers or a franchise looking to create wider brand awareness, social media strategy is a key element to success. Throughout the years, social media’s role in business and branding has substantially grown, creating a high level of engagement for both consumers and providers alike. Social media at a glance… According to We Are Social, one of Europe’s most popular social media management agencies, there are over 2.56 billion users on social media and 1 million new users added every day. This means...

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Five Ways to Become a Pro at Social Media Without Buying a Single Ad

Cats in ties are very important to becoming a social media pro. Ok, I’m kidding, but I got your attention with that image and sentence didn’t I? I’ll get to that. While social media gurus seems to abound these days, there are still quite a lot of folks in the media space who aren’t quite sure how to best utilize the free tools of advertising that are right at your fingertips. With organic social media, there’s no need to pay for ads, but how can you increase your followers and convert that into sales? Here are five easy ways...

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In Social Media, Content is Still King

By now we all know that social media is charging ahead in terms of how brands are reaching consumers. Everywhere you look, everyone is on their phone, laptop, or tablet. And more than likely, these people have some form of social media. According to one study, 81% of Americans had a social media profile. Social media makes reaching your customers so much simpler! Imagine reaching your desired audience with just the click of your mouse. That’s great, right? But when you do reach them, how do you get them on board with your brand? “If all you ever do...

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