In the marketing industry, acronyms and initialisms are thrown around left and right; creating a somewhat intimidating bowl of alphabet soup. This can make things difficult for those just starting out. So why not lighten the load of research you have ahead of yourself? Use this article as a reference sheet for some of the most common marketing acronyms and their meanings.

B2B  – Business to Business;  If you are a B2B business this means you primarily provide products and services for other businesses.

B2C – Business to Consumer; This is a business providing products and services to consumers, instead of other businesses.

CPA – Cost per Acquisition; how much did it cost you to acquire a targeted lead/new customer?

CPC – Cost per Click; This is associated with internet advertising and basically just means the amount of money you pay for every user that clicks your ad.

CPM – Cost per Mille; You might think this means cost per million, but it actually means cost per thousand. Mille is the Latin word for one-thousand.

CTA – Call to Action; This is the part of your ad that says “Call Us Now” or “Click Here.” CTR – Click-through Rate; This is the number of clicks you got per the number of impressions.

PPC – Pay per click; Most social media channels, search engines, and ad networks use pay per click advertising.

ROI – Return on Investment; This is how much profit or loss generated relative to what you have spent.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization; SEO is the process you have and the tricks you use rank higher in the results on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.