So you’re wondering what Out-of-Home Advertising is? Based on the general assumption, the first thought that comes to mind when Out-of-Home Advertising is mentioned are pictures of billboards on city buildings or along the highway. Now, as important of a role they have in the space, there’s so much more to it. You’re surrounded by so many various forms of OOH advertising daily, but let’s simplify the concept so we may better understand it.

You have probably heard that the regular American is exposed to roughly around 4,000 to 10,000 advertisements each day.

That’s crazy, right?

Out-of-Home advertising (OOH Media, or Outdoor Media) contributes a sizable factor to that number. So to define what Out-of-Home advertising is, it’s a form of media that is geared on marketing to potential consumers while they are on the move in public areas. Such cases would be waiting in the doctor’s office to hanging out in a retail site like the mall. With that in mind, the next time when you’re outdoors just glance around and you’ll be surprised at the number of advertisements you’ll see.

OOH advertising normally cascades into four main classifications. This is segmented into billboards, street, transit, and place-based OOH.

The appeal of OOH Media is that it can extend to consumers regardless what their media consumption habits are. With its ability to be extremely adaptable the potential is limitless. It’s able to go where generally other forms of media can’t go, being able to envelop and engage consumers out of home.

OOH media can be anything from billboards to digital displays and be ranging from bus wraps to kiosks.

As referenced earlier you can spot an OOH advertisement anywhere you venture. More notable locations are from highway roads to streets, from airports to shopping malls.

It’s also nice that this form of media can provide vibrant content and is always on display despite the time of day. This amazing combination is able to grab people’s attention while they’re on the move or stagnate, catering to a multitude of lifestyles.

Now that we have an idea what OOH advertisement is, what impact does it have? What are the benefits if offers for business?

Well look at it like this…

Unlike other channels, OOH advertising doesn’t need to be welcomed in. It’s just there whether you like it or not, that within itself is powerful. With its setup, it’s normally incorporated into the environment effortlessly, and for that reason cannot be turned off like television or thrown away like a magazine. This will allow your message to generate more of an impact for a longer period of time than the consumer may expect. The reach is even greater for a broader audience since there are no specifications needed to have access to it.

Fuse OOH advertising with other mediums will successfully remind the consumer of your message or brand and create an everlasting impression with a fresh and innovative approach to reaching wide audience consumers while gaining new ones.