Repost from Martech Advisor

By Vandita Grover



Video marketing is becoming increasingly popular owing to the immersive experience it provides and clear message it sends across. 

According to HubSpot: “⅓ of all online activity is spent watching video; 75% of executives watch work-related videos on business websites at least once a week.”

Here we talk about why video marketing is a useful strategy for B2B marketing:


1. More Engaging: Visual information is easy to digest, less time consuming to comprehend and has a lasting impression. Video content is dynamic and stands out more than text content, hence grabs more attention than a simple text-based email or pdf.

Since B2B customers form a relatively smaller target segment as compared to B2C, it is easier to create more personalized content for them that makes them feel more connected to a brand.

2. Improves Lead Generation: A strategically planned, produced and distributed video has the potential to generate prospects that can appreciate your message. By hitting the play button a user is already showing interest in your product or service and a video with good content will set you apart from the rest. As the lead progresses through consideration and decision stages, you can use simple, crisp videos that focus on what you are offering and convert a viewer to a lead.


3. Boosts Conversion Rates: Statistics say that videos help you sell more. Forbes Insight says 50% of surveyed business professionals who viewed an online marketing video, actually made a purchase for their business. A compelling video, conveying the right emotions can influence buyer behavior pushing him from being a visitor to lead and eventually a customer.

4. Search Engines rank Videos higher: What are you creating content for? To be found!

Search engines love the video and are looking for content that is relevant and engaging. Well crafted, well annotated and well-tagged videos are just that! Moreover, YouTube is still the second largest search engine, so putting your marketing video on YouTube and website as well as sharing through social media will increase your visibility.

Also, many industry giants are already adding video ads to SERPs. Bing already supports Rich Ads. Such advertising gives marketers, opportunities to connect to customers directly on SERP by displaying video ads instead of text ads.

5. Builds Trust and CredibilitySeeing is Believing. Videos can contribute to establishing trust if you give a peek into your business environment, open up about your values and culture and demonstrate what you can do for them.

Focusing on interesting case studies, testimonials and interviews from your clients can push the scales in your favor. Explainer videos, product overviews can educate and inform your customers and help them in the decision process.
6. Delivers better ROI: 52% of marketing professionals in a past study said that video has the best ROI for all content types. 70% of B2B researchers and buyers watch video throughout their path to purchase and 71% confirm video converts better.

Through your content, you can generate leads, but you need to nurture leads to convert them. Webinars are a great tool for lead nurturing and are reported to deliver second best ROI of any content marketing tactic.
7. Raises and Increases Brand Awareness: Video watching makes for one-third of all online activity. So if you want your brand to be noticed, you must tap into the vast potential of video marketing.

The aim should be to create valuable, interesting and engaging videos for your target audience which have a lasting impact. Create brand films, how-to videos, documentaries to entice interest. Adding a dash of humor goes a long way in tickling the funny bone and making an indelible impression.
8. Reach out to young entrepreneurs and startups: Today’s decision makers are young entrepreneurs and their natural inclination is towards watching videos. Certain video marketing platforms like Periscope by Twitter are popular amongst young users. Also, live streaming platforms are seeing an upward trend in terms of young viewers. Needless to say, to reach out to them the video is an essential marketing strategy.
9. Improve the effectiveness of other tactics: Studies say that mere mention of word ‘video’ in the subject line of emails increases the open rate by 20%. This points to the fact that regardless of which marketing strategy you are using, complementing it with a video will enrich its effectiveness.
10. Produces a Realistic Customer Experience: What could be a better way to build your brand persona and connect to your clients than through enriching interactions. Videos give face to your organization and allow you to do just that. Whether you are a big brand or a fresh startup, video provides a platform to showcase who you really are and set right expectations for your target segment.

If you are not already using video in your marketing strategy, you should because your competitor is already doing it and your customer is already watching it. It is time to capitalize on the benefits of video marketing!